1. 登录、注册

  • 0) /server
  • 1) /nick username
  • 2) 加入房间:/join #xingzhe (如果私有房间则为:/join #xingzhe password)
  • 3) 认证:/msg nickserv identify password
  • 4) 注册: /msg nickserv register password email


  • 0) IRC注册:/msg chanserv register # ,然后到邮箱进行确认
  • 1) 设置自己为管理员:/msg ChanServ op ##mychannel
  • 2) 邀请其他人:/Invite username #mychannel
  • 3) 修改频道主题: /topic #mychannel 主题内容
  • 4) 设置频道密码: /mode #channelname +k password.(需要管理员权限) 虽然通过此命令后,频道已经为设置了密码,但是
  • 5) 踢出或者禁止某用户:/kick #username or /ban #username

3. 其他命令:

/msg chanserv help set

***** ChanServ Help *****

Help for SET:

SET allows you to set various control flags for channels that change the way certain operations are performed on them.

The following subcommands are available: EMAIL Sets the channel e-mail address.
ENTRYMSG Sets the channel's entry message.
FOUNDER Transfers foundership of a channel.
GUARD Sets whether or not services will inhabit the channel.
KEEPTOPIC Enables topic retention.
MLOCK Sets channel mode lock.
NOSYNC Disables automatic channel ACL syncing.
PRIVATE Hides information about a channel.
PROPERTY Manipulates channel metadata.
RESTRICTED Restricts access to the channel to users on the access list. (Other users are kickbanned.)
SECURE Prevents unauthorized users from gaining operator status.
TOPICLOCK Restricts who can change the topic.
URL Sets the channel URL.
VERBOSE Notifies channel about access list modifications.

For more specific help use /msg ChanServ HELP SET command.

***** End of Help *****


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